[service icon=”star” title=”Join”]Join the End Users, Managers, Industry, SMEs and Academis to build critical mass[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Common”]Different stakeholders with a common strategical agenda for medium and long term[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Development”]Development of technologies, products and services[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Competitiveness”]Increasing national competitiveness in the field of railways[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Resources”]Obtain public and private financial resources to feed innovation[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Communication”]Change the perception that Railways is something antique[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Presence”]Became recognized at an International level[/service] [service icon=”star” title=”Value”]Creating added value for the Country and for the regions[/service]